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Hello and Welcome to Bodied by Patrice...

Where we are dedicated to helping you achieve your body goals while unleashing your inner confidence. We are thrilled to introduce our premier waist training business, led by the renowned waist training expert, Patrice.

So, get ready to embark on a transformative journey that will leave you feeling empowered, strong, and confident in your own skin.

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My Story

Bodied by Patrice was born as a result of my own personal journey. I started my personal journey in November 2017 and formed the business in February 2018. It all began when I was looking for solutions to help take off some unwanted weight quickly and keep it off. I came across products that helped me reach my goals. People started to notice. They asked me what I was doing and told me they will but it. So I started sample selling products and the rest is history!


We sell quality slimming solutions as well as back and knee support such as waist trainers, sweat belts, slimming vests, compression garments, active wear, hot cream, detox tea, and more. Our most popular products are our No Roll and Game Changer waist trainer bundles.  Our waist trainers are designed to provide the perfect balance of support, compression, and flexibility, allowing you to wear them comfortably during your workouts or throughout your day. Our waist trainers are meticulously crafted using premium materials that ensure durability, comfort, and maximum waist cinching effects. Another benefit is that we offer quality assurance, and we provide great customer service.

We understand that true beauty comes from within and is enhanced from a strong core and we are passionate about helping our customers unlock their full potential. We emphasize a holistic approach to waist training. We understand that waist training is not just about achieving a slimmer waist but also about improving your overall health and well-being. We provide comprehensive resources, including exercise routines, meal plans, and lifestyle tips, to help you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle while on your waist training journey. We encourage our customers to experience Bodied by Patrice products, solutions, and services for themselves.


Join our vibrant community of individuals who are on a similar journey towards waist training success. Connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and find inspiration and motivation. Our supportive community will uplift and encourage you, ensuring that you never feel alone on your path to a more confident and empowered self. And anytime you meet me in person, I am glad to share my expertise from years of experience in fitness, proper dieting, and waist training. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

IG: _bodiedbypatrice

FB: bodiedbypatrice

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